Out of the Woods

Story so far

Boo's Perspective

After a year in the armies Eldeen Reaches, cleaning up after the Smith War, we are summoned to Merylsward to meet the governor. He reports to us that there have been a series of strange raids along the coast… strange mist, dwarves, a catapult, and they don’t take much, if anything. We go to investigate. Not a lot of info from the townsfolk, but the “raiders” were seen going to druid rings and temples of The Sovereign Host. There is no reported tampering.

Eventually, the governor reports of a child with a vision of another temple that is going to be attacked. We rush down there and arrive before the attack. Frost dwarves attack… with a GIANT! The lead dwarf seems to be turning on a mystic tap and ordering a celestial ale… or something. We killed the dwarf leader, but the giant got away.

We report back to the governor. After a brief history lesson, I learn that the Giants are the leaders and dwarves are the workers/slaves. Oh. We learn a bit more about the history of the region, and the frost dwarf/giant raids from several hundred years ago.

The on-going investigation discovers dwarven caves under many of the holy places. Hmmm. Eventually, we learn about a band of adventurers from the time of the previous raids. They were instrumental in stopping the raids. Lots more investigation… A mage of significant power creates a hidden vault to hide a giant artifact, and that giant/dwarves are collecting the pieces to reconstruct the lock to the vault so they can get their artifact back.

We learn that there are seven pieces to the lock. They have six of them. Not good. We learn were the last one is at, and get there FAST. Things get kinda ugly… I blacked out for a bit, but apparently it was curtains for Kartein. We then run into frost elemental things, and frost trolls. In the end, we lost the piece. We saw a catamaran take off at speed from the docks. Hmmm. Not good at all. However, we have killed HALF of the giants on the continent.

Ivan has been exploring the wilderness north of Merylsward. He heard of stories of some ruins and a place where a large ship or catamaran sailing into the cliffs. Obviously this will be out next destination…



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