Out of the Woods

Battle Against Umbar, Part 2

This week the battle against Ice Giant Umbar Bearkiller continued. Our focus-fire tactic from the week before had proven very successful, so we continued this week, using focus fire to take out Umbar’s summoned minions before moving on to Umbar Bearkiller himself. Even using superior tactics, it was a slog fest to finish up Umbar’s minions, and the party took heavy damage.

In a great surprise to the whole party, Arm’s backpack somehow managed to birth a fully formed Ethan early in the fight. Totally did not see that coming.

Img 0207

Img 0208

With Umbar’s minions out of the way, save for a pesky crossbowman dwarf, we were able to move up to Umbar himself. The intense cold rolling off the giant’s body was painful for anyone standing adjacent to him, and he delivered a pounding to everyone in reach.

Img 0209

Even so, we persevered and eventually overcame the dwarf, with Boo delivering the kill shot, and earning himself the appellation of “Giantslayer.” Huzzah!

Img 0210

We emerged from the combat bruised, battered, but victorious!



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